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Boulder Valley Stain Process


Boulder Valley - Stain Process

Our Finish Process begins by Conditioning the Soft Wood to Accept the Stain Color Evenly,
This is very important when working with Soft Woods such as Spruce and Knotty Pine.

The Sealer and Top Coat (Minwax) Is applied to all Surfaces Prior to Assembly of Our Products,
This Insures All Surfaces are Sealed and Stained, then we Assemble Your Order.

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Minwax: Pre - Stain, One of the most important steps when
Finishing Soft Woods, "It prepares the wood for staining".

Without it the Stain Coat will be Blotchy and Uneven,
This is the most important step in achieving a Professional Finish.

We handle such large volume orders now and developed our own
Dip Tanks for this Process. It is applied and allowed to dry then it
is ready for the Staining.

Minwax: Penetrating Oil Stain and Sealer,
This Product is used for it's very consistant Stain Color Formulas.

We know if a Customer Adds to an Existing Order a year from now, the Color will Match! Probably the Most Consistant Stain Colors in the Finish Indusrtry and Widely Available even thru Local Retailers.

Do It Yourselfer's can match the color of thier project to any items
They have ordered from us by purchasing the same Stain Color.

4 - Light Stain Colors - (Left to Right)

1). Natural - #209 - Stain Color
2). Puritan Pine - #218 - Stain Color
3). Golden Oak - #210B - Stain Color
4). Fruitwood - #241 - Stain Color

That's what we have developed in our light stain color samples,
They are the 4 - Most Popular Light Stain Colors we offer.

Our Complete Color Range - 6 Most Popular Stain Colors (Left to Right)

1). Natural - #209 - Stain Color
2). Fruitwood - #241 - Stain Color
3). Golden Oak - #210B - Stain Color
4). Puritan Pine - #218 - Stain Color
5). Early American - #230 - Stain Color
6). Provincial - #211 - Stain Color

This photo helps to Illustrate the Contrast in Stain Colors.

Boulder Valley Bunk Bed - Stain Process - Stain Colors

"We Are Proud To Use Minwax Stain Products"
Made in America by The Minwax Corporation

**Minwax is a Registered Trade Mark** 

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Boulder Valley Bunk Bed - Stain Colors - Stain Process

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