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Boulder Valley Bunk Bed Safety

Boulder Valley Bunk Bed
Safety Information

Please Review These Valuable Safety Guidelines

To study the safety issues in full detail, check out the
Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and the
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

"It Is Our Obligation To Educate Our Customers"

"Especially When Information Covers Child Safety"

Some Important Factors - Please Use These Guidelines
When Shopping the Competition
Or Before Your Purchase

 Kids should be six or older to use the top bunk,
this is a recommendation by the CPSC.

Guard rails must be present on both sides of the top bunk,
even if the bed is pushed against the wall.

The top of the top guard rail should be 5" or more above the top of the mattress.
(DO NOT USE pillow top mattresses with any of our bunk beds).

All Boulder Valley Bunk Beds are strongly constructed and all,
meet or exceed both ASTM and CPSC safety standard testing in labs.

 The mattress is to be supported by a bunkie board.
Our bunkie board is a flat 3/4" Super-Ply Plywood Deck,
 which gives a flat surface to support the mattress. 

Allow at least 3 feet between the top bunk and the ceiling.

Boulder Valley Bunk Bed - Factory Recommendations

 Never Allow a Child Under 6 years On Upper Bunk.

 Only Use Mattress which are 74” - 75” Long and 38" Wide,
On The Upper Bunk of Our Bunk Beds or Loft Beds

Ensure Thickness of Mattress and Foundation Combined Does Not Exceed,
 10”and Mattress is At Least 5” Below Upper Edge of Guardrails. 

Use Guardrails on Both Sides of Upper Bunk.

 Prohibit Horseplay on or Under Bed(s).

 Prohibit more than One Person on the Upper Bunk.

Use ladder for Entering and Leaving the Upper Bunk.

Never Attach or Hang Items to Any Part of the Bunk Bed that are Not Designed,
 for Use with the Bed. For example, but not limited to, Hooks, Belts and Jump Ropes.

And Finally Review these Rules with Your Children and Enjoy.

We Hope these Safety Guidelines were Informative.

Just A Few Guideline Rules will Help Ensure
Your Child's Safety

"Your Child's Safety is Our Ultimate Concern"

Thanks for Visiting and Please Let Us Know if we can,
Improve Our Services or Answer Any Questions.


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Boulder Valley Bunk Bed - Bunk Bed Safety

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